Leaves silhouette

There is another alphabet,
whispering from every leaf, singing from every river,
shimmering from every sky.
Dejan Stojanovic

Black and white is more

Color is everything,
black and white is more.
Dominic Rouse
Things Made Out of Plastic – CB&W. Photo gallery

Black and white abstract

Black and white abstract photography -Poise of abstract ease, sketches of black and mint white, peculiar in plain.

Lines and shapes in photography

Communicating energy –
of strength and peace,
of power and silence,
lines and shapes create atmosphere and give a diverse tone to photographs.

A colorless view – Monochrome

Life is but a view through a window. We are that window. Joseph Rain “Simply stated, although it’s not really simple at all.” Book ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry “Things could be different. I don’t know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. There could be colors.” From the book ‘The…

Backgrounds / Patterns

There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. ~ Chuck Palahniuk Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. ~ Richard Feyman Raindrops Pattern