Natural fountain – Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well – the drainpipe of the Pacific.

@ Cape Perpetua, Oregon

“Sitting on the edge of the Oregon coast is what appears to be a gaping sinkhole that never seems to fill despite the unbroken stream of sea water that drains into it, but Thor’s Well, as the natural wonder is known, is not bottomless, but it is very dangerous.”

Atlas Obscura

Thor's well
bowl-shaped shoreline

Darren White, tells Near Cape Perpetua, Oregon lies one of the most insanely majestic natural wonders in all of America.

Life waiting at the alter,

Running through in rawness

Impermanent, in infinite frames

Experiencing the ebb, toned

Mirroring the logic of its own

Ungentle patterns of false solidity,

Building, unfolding, in empty space.


  1. mz&cho says:

    Scary yet so enchanting. Looks incredible!

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  2. Lived a day’s drive away from there and never knew that existed! Crazy! I’ll have to check it out when I make it back home again.

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  3. dunelight says:

    What a majestic, yet frightening, wonder. I drove past in 2000, but did not have time to stop. It scares me a bit, and I love the open waters.

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