Phenomenal deep blue Crater Lake

A magical blue beauty – Crater Lake
A spectacular mountain lake, 
inspiring awe,
situated in Southern Oregon.
Grew, Blew, Fell, and Fill
Grew, Blew, Fell and Fill


A magical beauty 
grew from violent eruptions.


Surrounded by cliffs,
Amazing and unique,
Known for its pure, deep and clear blue water,
Resembling  to a sorcerer's hat
Fed by snow.

surrounded by cliffs


In tranquil and calm setting,
Picturesque and Phenomenal ,
Crater lake -
the deepest lake in the USA .
landscape crater lake mountain
Wizard Island View


How a mountain turn into a lake? 

Grew, Blew, Fell, and Fill” – Crater Lake.

 Interesting History

no inlet or outlet


Video Clip- Crater Lake