Minimalist Photography- Keep it simple



The features of simple elegance, grace and beauty 
distinguishes minimalistic photography. 
To minimize create contrast and keep it simple, 
include the essentials and exclude the non-essentials. 
Focus on  the main subject of the photograph. 
Create space around, as the negative space highlights,
strengthens the positive - idea or concept.
Color contrast
“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm 
depend on simplicity.”  
Black and white | Monochrome | Minimalist
Plain Background
“Simplicity is natures first step, 
and the last of art. “ 
 Philip James Bailey


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According to French writer, poet and journalist 
Anotine de Saint-Exupery- 
“You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, 
not when you have nothing more to add, 
but when you have nothing more to take away.”

flower minimal

“Life is beautiful in its simplicity.” 
 Thomas Matthiessen