Eternal Ocean Sunset

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”

Oscar Wilde

grey and gold

Ocean the eternal “Is”
It’s not the blue and hue, 
Or golden and grey,
It’s not the water and waves,
Or sand and colors of caramel pale.

It’s not the shine and sparkle,
Or grace and grandeur,
Of supreme vastness untold.

It’s the feel of the sand,
Dissolving beneath your feet,
With every wave that waves bye,
And comes again and again,  
To give promises of hope.

It’s the smiles that embraces them faces serene,
It’s the many engraved feet on the sand
With talk of rhyming togetherness,
And those little sand castles of the unknowns.

It’s the birds and gulls,
Who meet and greet,
Rest and fly,
Of what they know.

It's the magic of ocean,
With waveless calming sound, 
Alongshore, Uprush,
Tender, Empowering, 
Magnificent, Boundless, 
Generous, Divine,
Canon Assure.

It exists and that is all to it-
Love unconditional,
Giving promises of hope,
The limitless ‘Is’
for eternity.

Rhyming togetherness