Simple textures

“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.”
Vincent van Gogh

So does texture in a picture.

Texture adds warmth and gives  life to a photograph.


Poem by Linda Winchell

The Texture Of Your Soul

We create the textures of our soul, 
From the young all the way to our old.

Some soft as downing, 
Some hard as nails.

Some fast as gazelles, 
Some slower than snails.

But the textures differ as time goes on, 
Of which we seem to all grow fond.

Some change as our time goes by, 
Some fade away, viewed of eye.

But the texture of it that rubs one raw, 
Will be what really remains, in another’s craw!
Tree texture
Tree texture

Texture is most evident where dark meets light
on the turning edge and at the outer edge. 

Experience has taught us to assume that
the areas in between have similar features. 

Rex Brant


stones texture
paint texture
Paint-oil texture
colorful texture
poem texture
The Texture Of Your Soul